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Jupidocs Web Solutions can provide you a domain suitable to your business name as per the availability. We provide web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting from our dedicated server. We can also secure your website from potential hacking and data theft by securing with SSL Certification.


The Hosting needs the crucial decision of getting an SSL certificate which is largely divided into 4 categories we suggest you the suitable one for your desired website. A domain valid certificate (DV) is associate degree X.509 digital certificate generally used for Transport Layer Security (TLS) wherever the name of the mortal has been valid by proving some management over a DNS domain. A Wildcard SSL Certificate saves you cash and time by securing your domain and unlimited sub-domains on one certificate. Wildcard certificates work identical method as an everyday SSL Certificate, permitting you to secure the association between your web site and your customer's web browser – with one major advantage. Contact us Link Organization SSL is a company valid certificate that offers your web site a intensify in quality over domain validated SSL Certificates. It activates the browser padlock and https, shows your company identity, and assures your customers that you simply take security terribly seriously. An Extended Validation Certificate (EV) is a certificate used for HTTPS websites and software that proves the legal entity controlling the website or software package. Obtaining an EV certificate requires verification of the requesting entity's identity by a certificate authority (CA).


As the domain completely depends on the availability of the desired URL. What we can do is provide you a list of better available options with a few our creative inputs with suffix and prefixes.